Academic Experience

Eight Core Subjects Build a Strong Foundation

Teachers thoughtfully guide students to build the discipline of scholarly habits.

At Heronfield, we believe that true learning occurs as students learn to think, write, share their ideas and listen to the thoughts of others.  Each of our core classes aims to build these skills through a variety of activities.  Students learn to discover the nuances in a short story, to articulate their approaches to an intriguing math problem, and to connect an idea from the past to a current issue.  Familiar skills become the foundation for new abilities as students progress from sixth to seventh to eighth grade, gaining confidence and finding new ways to ask questions and seek solutions.

Teachers and students are partners in the learning process at Heronfield.  While the curriculum in each subject area is designed to meet students at just the right developmental stage and further broaden their perspectives, our teachers are able to respond to student interests, tailoring lessons and activities to maximize learning and personal growth.

We find that students are challenged at Heronfield, and yet they respond to the challenges before them because they feel connected to the experience and they feel the support of their teachers.

Learning at Heronfield takes many forms, with students in one class participating in a robust discussion around our Harkness table while others work in small groups to take careful measurements and draw conclusions in the science lab. Shouts of laughter and camaraderie come from the playing fields during PE class, and songs and skits reinforce the learning of a new verb form in Spanish. Through all of the activity, though, teachers thoughtfully guide students in thinking more deeply, extending their ideas, and in building the discipline and scholarly habits of mind that serve them well at Heronfield and beyond.


The Love of Reading & Writing

Students learn to love to read and learn to write in any mode. Through the guided exploration of classic and contemporary texts across many genres, students find meaning in stories – their stories and the stories of others.


The Rise & Fall of Societies

From the ancient world to modern societies, students focus on ideas and build foundational knowledge of philosophy, geography, civics and world religion through discussion-based learning, collaboration, and independent study.


Discovering Mathematical Success

Seeking to both challenge students and build their confidence, our program engages learners in a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes logical reasoning and problem-solving while discovering patterns, relationships, and connections.


Creating a Life-Long Love

Music has deep importance at Heronfield, building students’ sense of collaboration, precision, and creativity. All students learn to play instruments, perform music and create their own music with the goal of fostering a lifelong appreciation for the art form and the many benefits it provides.

Physical Education

Let’s Get Outside!

Physical Education at Heronfield is a mixture of learning skills for team sports and lifetime activities as well as developing individual skills for healthy living. Classes meet outside often and take full advantage of our new Field House as well.


Lab-Based Curriculum

Students dive into inquiry and experimentation with a lab skills-based curriculum emphasizing collaborative problem-solving. This curriculum explores life, earth, chemical, and physical sciences through hands-on activities that are fueled by curiosity and inspired by current scientific research.


It’s Our Second Language Here

Spanish is a core subject. The 3-year program enables students to become foreign language learners through a blend of language acquisition methodologies and multicultural practices.


Creativity & Collaboration

Discover, Design, Play & Invent – Our Technology, Engineering and Art (TEA) Program takes full advantage of student curiosity and expression as we consider how ingenuity, creativity, and design have improved the human experience.

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