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  • Heronfield taught me many lessons, which I have carried with me throughout my two years of high school. The teachers at Heronfield showed me that you don’t have to conform to everyone’s opinions, and participation is key to understanding the topic that is being discussed. The Heronfield Academy community is an environment where kids can feel comfortable working through challenges as they mature and grow into compassionate and kind adults.

    Alumnus, Class of '17
  • My mom found the new Heronfield video and as I was watching it tons of memories flooded back into my head. There I sat watching the video, I was replaying memory after memory of my friends and teachers and that’s when I found peace. Happiness. That’s when I realized how much Heronfield had helped and changed me as a person. And I just want to say that I’m so grateful that all of the amazing teachers at HA were there for me and helping me through my struggles.

    Alumnus, Class of '18
  • I think that the heart of Heronfield is compassion, intelligence, and laughter.

    Alumna, Class of '13
  • [When reflecting on her experience at Heronfield Academy] …it was an interesting feeling, it was like, I can never come back from this. I have to keep finding people like this, teachers like this, I have to keep learning in this way. It was a really awesome and life-altering feeling.

    Alumna, Class of '13

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