Why Attend Heronfield Academy

Academic rigor. Middle school only. Community.

Our students are seen, heard, known and valued.

Heronfield Academy is purposefully designed to serve middle school students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, and we are deeply invested in each student’s academic and personal development during this important stage of their lives. Our size provides for a vibrant community and also assures that our students and teachers make meaningful connections.

Students know that they are seen and heard, known and valued at Heronfield. We delight in seeing them take on challenges and grow as they engage in each experience and activity. We think deeply about the roles of critical thinking and creative expression, of collaboration and curiosity.

The Heronfield Difference

Purposefully Invested in Middle School Only

Heronfield has always focused on the middle school years, and we pour all of our energy into providing a ‘just right’ experience for young adolescents with a program that guides them through each stage of their academic, social, and emotional growth.

Our Core Values are Woven in the Heronfield Experience

Our core values of Respect, Honesty, Diligence, Caring and Celebration are woven into the fabric of the Heronfield Experience. Students learn and live by these key qualities through our advisory program, our community gatherings, and the curriculum of each class.

Each Student’s Voice is Heard and Valued

Our best community comes forward as everyone gets to know one another and as each person is recognized for their unique gifts and talents. Each day, students feel the unity of their advisory groups and they build meaningful relationships with their teachers and fellow students.

Where Academic Challenge Meets Creative Opportunity

Our program is rigorous, and yet Heronfield students rise to the occasion, excited by what they learn and the ways they are supported in their efforts. They come to know that creativity, collaboration, and fun play a role in every classroom.

Our Strength is in Our Purposeful Size

Heronfield is intentionally sized with the student experience in mind: large enough to provide a myriad of experiences and relationships, but small enough that everyone knows one another and feels the support of the whole community.

A Truly Dedicated & Passionate Faculty

Across our campus, you’ll find teachers who are truly passionate about what they teach. When they combine what they know with an appreciation for young adolescents, it’s a powerful combination.

A family’s personal perspective.

Why are the Milnes confident Heronfield was the right choice for middle school?

Heronfield has been a great fit for each of our children, a son in 7th and two daughters in 6th grade. Its living values, strong academics, and comfortable size allow them to expand their natural curiosity and perspectives each day with others who like to learn.

Our kids feel connected within the school community, respected by teachers and peers, engaged in their coursework and play, and honored by the trust they are given to think for and be themselves. They know almost everyone on campus in some way, teachers included, and feel seen, heard and appreciated. Thoughtful sanctuary gatherings expand their world view and nurture kindness and empathy. Community events like game nights and dances are eagerly anticipated (in middle school!) and undeniably awesome.

As students, our kids are given clear assignments and expectations that make high-level work both challenging and achievable. Content is delivered in countless ways that are so interesting that they just gravitate towards it. Freedom of expression is often encouraged, unlocking rich content to absorb, explore, understand and present in their own way. Teachers provide personal guidance to improve critical thinking and approach.

Trusted to do their own work, our kids are developing a sense of accountability and laying a foundation for self-management. Encouraged to ask questions, they are building confidence in speaking with adults. Seeing models of gracious interactions, they begin to value this approach. For example, when reviewing math homework in class, they might hear “that’s not what I got” rather than “that’s wrong”. Kids recognize the nuance and feel the respect that it imparts.

All this aside, what really gives us pause is the sense of authenticity in our experiences with the Heronfield team. There’s no pretense, just a group of smart, talented educators who love what they do and care for and about the students they serve. Together they empower our kids to uncover amazing versions of themselves and guide them on their way to becoming problem solvers of good character. Just imagine the many ways these capable, confident HA alumni might reshape our world. We are proud that our kids will be part of that group.