Heronfield Leadership

Welcome from the Head of School

Celebrating the joy, the complexity and the possibility of the middle school years.

My teaching career began with a middle school position in 1994, and yet I was rather certain I would soon move on to teaching older students. It wasn’t long, though, before I found myself captivated by the enthusiasm and energy of middle school students, taken by the way that guiding experiences and thoughtful teachers can shape young people’s lives at just the right time.

Now in my 27th year in education, I’ve been a teacher in five different subject areas, an advisor, a three-season coach, and a theater director. The chance to move into senior administration seventeen years ago provided the opportunity to play a key role in shaping a school’s program, accentuating its core values while also seeking ways to bring new ideas forward.

The best parts of my day occur in seeing students discovering new knowledge, learning by doing, and working with their teachers through moments of both challenge and triumph. As we teach and learn together, I hope that we will grow in our understanding of one another as we speak with clarity and purpose while also listening with empathy and grace.

As I walk our beautiful campus and visit our learning spaces, I can’t help but notice how everyone – the board of trustees, the faculty and staff, our families and, of course, our students – contributes to the vibrant atmosphere here at Heronfield. It’s a privilege to lead this community as we truly explore the very best in middle school education.

Preparing us for the future

Our 2020-2021 Board of Trustees.

Comprised of notable community members, the Heronfield Board of Trustees oversees the strategic operations of the school.

Ms. Amy McLaughlin – Chair

Mr. Peter Angerhofer

Ms. Christina Breen

Ms. Angela Closson

Ms. Beth Finelli

Mr. John Feudo

Mr. Sam Harkinson

The Rev. Jay Hutchinson

Ms. Joan Marchessault

Mr. Justin Merrill

The Rev. Daniel W. Morrissey

Mr. David Netishen

Committed to the School & Students

The Trustees of Heronfield are committed to the school and to making decisions that continue to uphold its mission and core values. It is an honor to serve a school that dedicates itself to the educational, and physical growth of its students.

Board Chair