The Heronfield Fund

Heronfield Academy depends upon you!

When it comes to giving, every gift – any gift – can impact change.

The Heronfield Fund is our annual giving campaign that raises money to support the daily operations of the school during the academic year.

Why is it necessary?
Heronfield is an independent school operating without state or federal funding. The school relies on tuition dollars, endowment funds and charitable donations to fund the education of our students, our incredible faculty and all of the programs at our school.

Why should I participate?
The Heronfield Fund is the only fund that is restricted to cover the difference between total tuition revenue and actual operating expenses. Like most independent schools, tuition covers approximately 80% of the school’s operating costs. We turn to philanthropic giving to cover the approximate 20% difference.

At Heronfield, we have a strong history of giving. This school was founded on the idea that both parents and children wanted a different approach to education. The founders and special friends of the school recognized that their gifts would establish and maintain an independent middle school where each child’s gifts were celebrated. When we receive participation in the Heronfield Fund from the entire community, it signals that our future is strong; it is a vote of confidence in the mission of our school.

We ask you to give at the level that you are comfortable giving. Unlike other schools that have a strong endowment, your gift will have a direct impact on our students. All gifts help Heronfield to reach our financial and participation goals. Donations are fully tax deductible.

We invite you to contact Kerri Singh, Coordinator of Development, at (603) 777-1337,, or use the Donate Today link now for more information.

What Donors Have to Say