Academic Philosophy at Heronfield

Combining academic rigor with creative exploration

A challenging and supportive program designed to meet the needs and opportunities of the middle school years.

Heronfield Academy is committed to providing thoughtful academic experiences that build on the fundamentals of learning and develop young people who contribute to their communities in caring, informed, and meaningful ways. Learning and growing in a supportive and nurturing environment, students develop the habits of mind and personal skills that build a foundation for their success. Under the personal guidance of passionate teachers, Heronfield

students embrace the process of learning, open themselves to new challenges, and collaborate with others in seeking and celebrating new growth. Our developmentally-rich curriculum is based on the need to expose, explore and expand our student’s knowledge and experience through an array of subject areas: English, humanities, mathematics, music, physical education, science, Spanish and technology/engineering/arts (TEA).


Our teachers are dedicated to the middle school years and they carefully design a program in each subject area that engages and captivates the growing mind. Students learn through doing as they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand problems and approach challenges with confidence. Teachers work side-by-side with students, guiding their growth, and helping each one reach their full potential.


We consistently encourage students to take risks in their learning, to dive further into the complexities of issues, and to make use of multiple perspectives as they consider and connect ideas. We regularly see them building on new knowledge as they form new conclusions, often surprising teachers with the questions they ask. At Heronfield, creative thought is valued over rote memorization, challenges are seen as opportunities, and each student discovers the importance of their own experiences and their own academic journey.


The Heronfield experience meets students at their own level and yet provides opportunities for each person and each class to push further, to ask deeper and more meaningful questions. The layered and intersecting curriculum of each subject encourages our students to use skills from one classroom in another experience and to make connections between disciplines. A wider world awaits our graduates, and yet we know that the experiences they will have in our classrooms and on our campus will ensure that they are deeply prepared for high school and beyond, that they will engage in their future with confidence and purpose.

My greatest hope is that students walk away with a deeper love of literature, history & a thirst for knowledge.

The beauty of Humanities and English is the focus on story – whether it is the story of Alexander the Great or The Odyssey. The ways in which ancient history and the classical works of Homer speak to one another, and continue to be highly relevant and connected to our modern world.


Humanities and English Teacher