Student Enrichment

Beyond the standard academic experience

Building community, building character.

Middle school students want to stretch their edges, discover new talents, and explore new meanings of leadership and community. Our enrichment program offers many such opportunities, extending the Heronfield Experience beyond the classroom to the stage, the playing field, and into the wider region. Special events on weekends and throughout the school year mark the seasons and bring all of us closer together.


Three-Season Fun for All

We offer three seasons of athletics: track and field, basketball and cross country. Our students represent our small school well, often surprising our competitors by being one of the top teams in the state.

Community Gatherings

Building Core Values

We gather as a community every Tuesday to talk about current events, celebrate one another, or hear stories and presentations from teachers and students that underscore our core values and help us build a positive school culture.

Community Service

An Undervalued Lesson

A multitude of leadership opportunities are presented to our students each year as they participate in food drives, book buddies, site clean-ups, student ambassadors, and mentorship programs.


Building Confidence

The importance of public speaking and writing are highlighted through our drama program. Seventh graders study and perform a Shakespeare play for the community, and they build their confidence by writing and performing their own works in eighth grade.

Music Ensembles

Tuning Up For Live Performances

Students can participate in two school wide performance as members of the choir, band or ensemble. In addition to rehearsal and live performance, students create music and collaborate using music technology and modern recording techniques.

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Sanctuary Meetings

Pondering Life’s Questions

Each Wednesday morning, Sanctuary meetings offer us the chance to consider life’s “big questions,” to listen and be still. A wide range of guest speakers share their experiences and perspectives, helping us all to become better citizens, closer friends, and more just and compassionate people.

Social Events

Building Community Camaraderie

Everyone looks forward to coming to our campus on Friday nights for the ever-popular game nights, school dances, and movie nights, all designed to bring students together in the spirit of good fun and togetherness.

Student Clubs & Activities

Supporting Student Interests

From Model United Nations to MathCounts, from coding to knitting, our club and activities offerings reflect student interests and provide the opportunities to both lead and explore new ideas and talents beyond the curriculum.