Technology & Arts

Exploring new frontiers

TEA seeks to provide a window into the world of creative expression.

Our TEA program is taught in our new Innovation Studio, which opened in the fall of 2019. For as long as there have been people, humans have created art and technology to enrich and expand their lives.  Creations have added beauty, made daily life more comfortable, expressed our emotions, and solved many of life’s bigger challenges.

The TEA program seeks to provide students with a window into the world of creative expression and an introduction to the physical and conceptual tools for their future success.   Projects often include a study of the origin of the form, historical trends, notable artists and makers, supplies, techniques, and the creative process as a whole.   While the outcome of each project may be entirely different, we hope that students will fully engage in experiential learning, stretch themselves by taking thoughtful risks, connect with fellow artists through collaboration, and embrace the process of creative problem-solving.

Learning projects often reflect student interests, and in recent years they have included:

  • Drawing and painting techniques
  • Photo editing and graphic design
  • Knitting and fiber arts
  • Early animation and filmmaking
  • Architectural scale and model building
  • Photovoltaic basics and LED circuitry
  • Motorized vehicle design and fabrication