Rob Thomas

Director of Music

Rob (stage name RC Thomas) joined Heronfield Academy in 2019 with over 20 years of performing and teaching music. He is a NH native and certified music teacher.  Rob earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Education with honors from New York University in 2001. He is also an accomplished singer-songwriter and professional musician who thrives on passing his passion and love of music on to others. Rob is known throughout New England for his solo, duo, and full band performances. He has been featured on NPR’s ‘Word of Mouth’ for his original songwriting and his most recent solo album features his own recording, mixing and mastering in his private studio. Rob has recorded several full-length albums and is well-versed in modern music technology as well as professional audio engineering. In addition to being a seasoned entertainer, Rob has taught K-12 chorus and band, including beginner through advanced guitar, piano, and vocals to students of all ages. He resides in Dover, NH with his wife and son.