Inga Potter

Science Teacher

Inga is a marine biologist and educator who has spent her career conducting research and teaching students of all ages in natural sciences and the marine ecology of New England. Inga earned her doctorate from the University of New Hampshire studying the movement and behavior of giant ocean sunfish using satellite tag technology. She worked as a naturalist and educator for middle school students on Nantucket Island, and has more recently taught biology and environmental science at the high school and undergraduate level in Maine and New Hampshire. In addition to teaching at Heronfield, Inga is also affiliate faculty with the School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering at the University of New Hampshire, and her ocean sunfish research is ongoing. Inga is a strong believer in hands-on learning in science, and sharing her love of the marine environment and natural world with her students. She also owns a small kelp farm and business in Maine. Inga lives in York, Maine with her four children and two dogs.