We began our academic year with grade orientation for both parents and students. It was clear that all were excited to be back together again! As a faculty, we were thrilled to finally get the year underway, and we certainly felt the joy and gratitude that our community shared with us.

Our initial learning model is having one grade on campus for a week at a time while the other two grades work with their teachers virtually. This three-week period will allow us to evaluate and refine our health and safety practices continually. Our students will become accustomed to working with their teachers in both in-person and virtual modes. 

We will continue to learn what works well and what can be adjusted for the better. We hope that our students will play their part in following our health and safety guidelines when they are here – especially wearing masks, following traffic patterns, and maintaining appropriate spacing as much as possible.  We have asked our families to contribute to our success by supporting the measures we are taking and by continuing to be as safe as possible. 

While there are many factors involved in how Heronfield will proceed after this initial learning period, we are working towards the goal of having all students learning on-campus beginning on Tuesday, September 29.