At Heronfield Academy, learning does not take place solely within the classroom, but throughout all aspects of school culture and life. Each Wednesday Heronfield hosts a morning chapel in which speakers from all walks of life and faiths share their experiences with our student body. One such speaker is Kamalasiri, who has led the students through guided meditation exercises, while also sharing the history of Triratna Buddhism.

As Heronfield’s sixth grade students learn about the origins of Buddhism in conjunction with their studies of ancient civilizations, Kamalasiri invited the sixth grade class to visit Aryaloka Buddhist Center in Newmarket, NH. During this visit, students were given a tour of Aryaloka and were able to identify several of the mudras they had studied in their humanities class. Students then learned the history of Triratna Buddhism in New Hampshire, and had the opportunity to try numerous different meditation cushions, mats, and chairs. Kamalasiri then led the students through a 7-minute guided meditation.

To end the visit, students were given an abridged tour of the center’s expansive grounds, where they had the opportunity to observe the Dhardo Rimpoche Stupa. After their visit, the students returned to school feeling refreshed with renewed focus.