Despite the distinct chill in the air, peals of laughter could be heard ringing out across Heronfield’s campus during December’s 7th Grade Game Night. Heronfield’s Game Nights foster a sense of unity and camaraderie within the individual grades, and allow our students to embrace what middle school students do best: play!

Led by Ron King and the 7th grade advisors, the 7th grade students participated in a series of games intended to help them celebrate the silliness in life. Of particular favorite was “Family Musical Chairs”, which had students and teachers alike scrambling to find their family groups and sit stacked three to a chair. 

Students also had the opportunity to expend their boundless energy by running around campus through classic backyard games such as Sharks and Minnows, Manhunt, and Sardines.

The evening culminated in a battle of wits and dramatic prowess as the grade was divided into two groups for a game of charades. Students had to act out popular movies, TV shows, and novels for their peers, and then race to be the first group to successfully guess the provided titles. 

The 6th grade enjoyed their own Game Night in September, and the 8th grade can look forward to their upcoming Game Night, scheduled for April 26.