Lauren Stearns, Heronfield’s 6th grade English instructor, recently attended the Bureau of Education and Research’s seminar What’s NEW in Young Adult Literature and How to Use It in Your Program (2019). English teachers and librarians from around New England gathered to share insight on how to inspire a love of literature within reluctant readers, as well as to discuss up-and-coming YA novels that may appeal to young readers.

Reading independently is the single most important predictor of academic success in young students, yet many students begin to lose their love of reading as they progress through secondary school. It is our goal to rekindle a love of reading in Heronfield students, and to nurture this love throughout the middle school years.

Through this seminar, Lauren was introduced to new literature both focusing on issues our students encounter on a daily basis, and ongoing global issues that might be outside of their immediate scope. In exposing students to a wide variety of genres and themes, the English department cannot only find a novel to fit the interest of every student, but also assist our students in further developing their empathy and understanding of the world around them.