Heronfield Academy Eighth Grader, Jesalina, explains her experience raising money through music for her middle school.

Over the summer, I spent much of my time playing my violin in downtown Portsmouth in order to raise money for Heronfield. This isn’t the first time I have done this; in the past, I’ve also raised money for my Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra camp and my elementary school, Little Harbour. However, this year, I was more successful than all the years before. Along with my contributions to Heronfield, I was also able to donate money to an organization called Gather, as well as to Buddhist temples in Vietnam.

Jesalina plays her violin in Portsmouth

Saying “thank you” is really important to me, and giving back to the Heronfield community is one of my ways of showing gratitude and appreciation for all that Heronfield has done for me in the past three, wonderful years. I will be contributing $1200 towards Heronfield’s new music facility and gym. Even though I won’t be able to use the new spaces, I am happy to donate and I hope that future students will enjoy it.

For me, it isn’t about the money; it’s about being out there on the street, and seeing how people appreciate my music and how it has affected their lives. It makes me feel so good and reminds me why I started playing music in the first place: to bring people together and tell them a story that will move them like the way music moves me and makes me feel.