As peals of laughter and excited shouts ring out along Exeter Road, it’s clear that Heronfield Academy is back in session for a new school year! Students have quickly settled into life at Heronfield through orientation name games, recess games of knock-out, rounds of frisbee golf, spontaneous photography of the school’s gardens, and after school cross-country practices.


On the evening of September 8th, the sixth graders returned to school for their first Heronfield Game Night. Led by Mr. King and the sixth grade advisors, the students participated in numerous activities meant to foster a sense of unity and support burgeoning friendships within the grade. As Game Night began with a “family-style” musical

chairs game in which students found themselves sitting atop one another as the music stopped, inhibitions and insecurities were almost immediately eradicated in the pursuit of good, old-fashioned fun. By the end of the evening, sixth graders found themselves packed tightly together in hiding places throughout the campus as they participated in a final game of “Sardines” (or, reverse hide-n-seek), and emerged from the night feeling closer as a grade than ever before.