The Heronfield Academy Jazz Combo won their seventh consecutive Gold Medal at the Massachusetts Association for Jazz Education’s (M.A.J.E.) Middle School Jazz Festival held on Tuesday, May 8th at Reading Memorial High School in Reading, Massachusetts.  The Combo was the only Gold Medalist at the festival.  Heronfield Academy was the only school with two bands competing with the Jazz Band winning a Silver Medal as well.  One Heronfield musician was recognized as the best musician at the festival winning the MVP Award for the night.  In addition to the MVP, the adjudicators recognized three students from each group by giving them Outstanding Musicianship Awards. Congratulations to all of the Heronfield musicians!

On April 25th the Jazz Combo and Jazz Choir performed at the M.A.J.E. High School State Finals in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  As a result of their excellent performances each group was awarded a Silver Medal by the judges. The Heronfield Jazz Combo was the only middle school Jazz Combo performing at this high school festival!  Congratulations to all the Heronfield musicians!