Heronfield Academy’s Tenth Year Celebration Concert took place in June at The Music Hall in Portsmouth.  Heronfield is known for having an exceptional music program which includes Sixth Grade Band, Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, Jazz Choir, and a Chamber Music Ensemble.  Alumni students, parents, grandparents, alumni parents, Trustees, and friends of the school all gathered for an evening of music that was outstanding, inspirational, and a reminder to all of the importance of the arts in the education of our children.  The evening began with a beautiful performance of Ashokan Farewell performed by an 8th grader and moved into musical selections that made it hard to remain seated!  From ballad to classical, from inspirational to rousing, the night was filled with the joy of celebration of a school that honors middle schoolers and the arts.  Thank you to David Killam who taught all those groups, arranged music, encouraged, and made sure every student was ready to perform.  The Music Hall sound engineers were astonished at what David’s program brought to the stage that night.  As one parent said, “You had me at Ashokan Farewell!”